Data Room

Companies are getting gradually more dependent on their network. Therefore, it is very important to check critically which measures have to be taken to minimise, if not avoid, physical threats with regard to the present critical hardware.

Installing a data room is not a cheap project. Therefore, the first important thing to do is mapping the costs or revenue loss your company will suffer if the network is not available for a longer period.

Checklist for cost accounting
  • How long can your company do without network?
  • What are the direct costs?
  • When the network is out for one day, how many people cannot work the full 100%?
  • Can your customers still reach you over the phone?
  • How many people cannot place an order on that day? Are they going to call another supplier?
  • What if they are going to order there the next time as well?
  • How many invoices do you send out per day? What is the cost of one day no invoicing?
  • U will surely understand that cost accounting is much more difficult to map than direct damage (replacing hardware or restoring back-ups). However, the consequential loss is often much more substantial and thus very important to map.
Protecting your hardware by installing a data room

In order to decide which data room you need to install, there is only one significant question: what are the threats and in which extent are thy present?

When a data room is situated in the cellar, it is clear that (fire extinguishing) water becomes a larger threat compared to a data room situated on a top floor.

In addition, the rooms next to the data room have to be considered. For example, when there is a storage room with inflammable products or paper archives next to the data room, it will require another approach in choosing fire-resistant walls than when the data room is adjacent to an outer wall.

For each environmental situation, there is an appropriate solution. Because Tech Session, as an integrator, is not bound to one brand and can choose from various suppliers, we are capable of offering you a personalized solution.

Back-up system or service

Loosing your data is one of the worst things that could happen to you!

Your company depends on the accuracy and availability of up-to-date data, so you cannot afford to loose it. This is valid for documents, databases, e-mail etc.

Lots of companies still consider a reliable back-up system as superfluous and an unnecessary cost…, until disaster strikes. Then, the impact becomes clear and the costs of potential business loss will by far outweigh the ‘cost savings’ initially made.

Therefore an undisputed insurance is a good and reliable back-up system or service (local or remote).

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Electrical power is not as clean and stabile as you should think. The massive division of electricity over the grid has its peaks, phase variations, jolts, noise and interruptions that can cause serious damage to your hardware and software. Avoid this unnecessary damage to your expensive devices with a good and reliable UPS or filter.

Tech Session uses various leading suppliers and can offer solutions for both one-phase and three-phase back-up systems.

Did you know that… - 33% of all computer crashes are a result of power grid problems. - 33% of all companies suffering from a computer crash need more that 24 hours to find out the cause. - Companies suffer from an average of 10 computer crashes per year.

  • The average time to become operational again is 4 hours.
  • The time needed to restore a network may run up to 48 hours.