Air Conditioning

The Air Conditioning Division is specialised in cooling and heating with direct expansion.
Such climate control systems can be integrated relatively easily in existing buildings and usually are the ideal solution for small- and medium-sized offices, housing projects, hotels and retail shops.

The ingenious Split-system allows heating or cooling of the various rooms individually. Here also, technical insight and eye for aesthetics go hand in hand.

Our installations guarantee a constant temperature, without producing unpleasant airflows or irritating background noise. Inside as well as outside units are carefully hidden.

The job of our technicians does not end with the installation of your new climate control system. The devices will be meticulously tuned until they function perfectly and continue functioning.

In function of your precise needs, you can then conclude a performant maintenance contract, which includes regular preventive check-ups of your installation and performing the necessary adjustments.

Furthermore, if desired, we can offer Facility Management for all your technical installations, including a preventive check-up and consult on which parts possibly have to be replaced.

Even in case of an emergency, we are at the ready: our round-the-clock permanence guarantees an intervention within 24 hours and often even much faster. Indeed, our extended stock of spare parts allows us a broad autonomy.