Data Cabling

It is very important to have a clear view of your network. It is the foundation for business and communication of the modern, innovating company. When the network infrastructure is not correctly set up or when it does not meet the needs of your company, your organisation could suffer from a loss of efficiency, which in turn could give you a disadvantage with regard to your competitors.

Twisted pair and fibre went through an enormous development in recent years and made a huge contribution to network response times. The number of options drastically increased, yet only a few will fit your needs.

Tech Session is the ideal partner to assist you through the entire process, from analysis to installation and maintenance, for both cabling and wireless networks. Our advice includes a thorough investigation of the advantages and disadvantages with careful consideration of your budget.

Tech Session can offer you various renowned concepts, all strictly complying with international standards. In cooperation with a technical account manager, you will go over the various cabling concepts, i.e. modular set-up, workspace security, assembly techniques etc., which will be the basis of the eventual choice of configuration. You will receive a certificate of compliance and measurement results.

To help you find your way trough the maze of utp, ftp, screened, unscreened, cat 5e, cat 6 etc., choosing between various materials, deciding on which implementation is best for you…, in short, reaching a perfect solution, Tech Session guarantees:

  • Experienced, certified specialists
  • The right person for every project
  • Expertise in projects and project management
  • Long- and short-term solutions
  • Personal and professional guidance
  • Flexibility