Posting & Outsourcing

Empowering your company, how?

Companies often suffer from peak periods, increasing the need for temporary extra IT professionals. Recruitment in the traditional sense offers no solution in this case because the most suitable candidates will pull out based on a lack of perspective.

In this case, temporary hiring or posting could be a solution for your organization, minimizing the burden and as a consequence the costs. By using Tech Session’s posting services, you will be able to hire ICT professionals in a professional manner, without unnecessary charges for your company, or increasing head count.

Tech Session is an ICT company that provides professional services exclusively to the ICT market by posting IT consultants at other IT or consulting companies. As one of Tech Session’s customers, you will have access to young, dynamic and motivated consultants with an extended knowledge and experience, at a price entirely adapted to the market of sub-contracting.

Is your company searching for specialized IT consultants, for short- or long-term projects? Do not hesitate to contact Tech Session for a personalized offer. We can fall back on an extended number of enthusiastic consultants, each of them specialized in their specific domain and capable of responding to your specific need. All our fellow workers have been previously assessed on several important skills (personality, loyalty, knowledge…). Our flexibility will allow us to find ‘the right person for the job’ and help you in achieving your objectif.